Meet Our People

Matilda Moyle

Business Improvement Officer
Thorn Group Limited

“I have worked at Thorn for 13 years and have had the opportunity to work in various roles and be involved in many different projects. I enjoy solving problems and helping to support our customers. Thorn has provided me with a very supportive and positive work environment and my roles have been both challenging and rewarding. I’m fortunate to have a satisfying career that I love.”

Simon Revelman

General Manager, Information Systems
Thorn Group Limited

"The mix of companies at Thorn provides an interesting and challenging work place. It is a fun place to work and offers an enjoyable and rewarding career."

Tony Khall

Assistant Sales & Operations Manager
Radio Rentals

“I have worked at Thorn for 21 years and could not think of a better place to work. I love working with my team and with all of the incredible people at Thorn.”

“I have been able to develop myself personally and professionally, and always feel empowered and supported to pursue my dreams while achieving great results.”