Company Overview

Thorn is one of Australia’s leading financial service providers, offering a broad range of financial solutions to meet a growing demand from niche consumer and commercial markets.

Thorn Group listed on the ASX in 2006, backed by solid beginnings nearly 80 years ago, when Radio Rentals opened its first store in 1937. Today Radio Rentals / Rentlo is a household name with over 90 outlets around the country. Other group businesses are Thorn Business Finance, comprising of Thorn Equipment Finance and Thorn Trade and Debtor Finance which provides commercial finance.

The underlying strength of Radio Rentals / Rentlo has enabled Thorn to achieve substantial growth in recent years, providing a platform for developing newer businesses which are now broadening Thorn’s revenue base.


Central to Thorn’s strategy is a focus on being a leader in niche financial services markets. Thorn is giving priority to reinvesting in the consumer leasing and business finance divisions of the organisation with a focus on funding for growth as well as introducing technology to improve the customer experience.


At Thorn, we believe that every customer deserves a “fair go”. Our vision is to support consumers and business customers to get the products and services they want and need. Whether you are interacting with our consumer rental or our business finance teams, we will always treat you fairly and responsibly.